Our Goal

Our goal and responsibility is to provide a specialized physical therapy program for each individual child and his or her family.  Our job is to be there for you, to listen to your concerns, answer all of your questions, help develop functional goals that are important to you and your family and provide you with up-to-date information.


When needed, we arrange for referrals to other top-rated health professionals for consultation, keep the lines of communication strong and help you sort through all the information so the best course of treatment can be chosen and the best results achieved.


We provide physical therapy treatment that is challenging yet fun and is based on the available current research as well as advanced continuing education.   


Our mission is a magical one.  It allows us to help a child realize they can keep up with their friends or reach a goal that they have wished for or work with parents of a young child as they see their baby reach new abilities.  This goal is a responsibility we take very seriously and is simply a great honor to be a part of.


We thank you for allowing Kids’ Perspective Physical Therapy to be a part of your child’s care.