KP Testimonials

"Kristine was my son's physical therapist for rehabilitating his Torticollis. Eve and I were very nervous about the prospect of physical therapy for our infant son. Kristine was very comfortable to work with and developed a trusting relationship with our son very quickly. She provided us with a home exercise routine that accelerated his recovery. Theo is now a very happy toddler and we thank Kristine for contributing to his physical development."

~Kevin Lindsay

"Kris Nakaji from Kids’ Perspective Physical Therapy is a really caring and effective physical therapist. She has been working with my special needs daughter ever since NICU discharge at 5 months old. My daughter is 3 years old now and is walking, jumping, running, and climbing everywhere. We never thought she would be able to even walk because of her cerebellum damage. But with Kris’ therapy, my daughter improved every day. I had and would continue to recommend Kris Nakaji to anyone looking for a great, loving physical therapist."

~Mom to Kaitlin

"Kris is such a nice person to work with. She did not only become my therapist, she also became a good friend. Kris knows how to listen, in fact I used to tell her everything. I've learn a lot from her. My physical movements really improved because she pushed me to be the best. I have nothing complain about, I really love working with Kris. In fact I wish I never stopped going to therapy with her."